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DIY Paper Bag

Who doesn’t know the feeling of not being able to find a nice gift bag which is a perfect fit for a parcel you want to gift to someone special. Whether you want to find a perfect bag for the gift or you want to customize the bag to your liking, crafting a professional looking gift bag is a skill worth learning.

We bring you this simple method along with picture demonstration, following which you will be able to design a gift bag of your own choice and liking.

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10 things only a person who love bags will understand

Bags are a ladies best friend without a doubt. We are simply incomplete without them. Hand bag, travelling bag, a back pack, a leather bag or some traditional bag, big bag, small bag, bag, bag, bag you just name it. They have a very special and dear place in our life and rightly so. If you are a bags lover, like million other you will definitely understand and relate to the facts below.

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DIY Drawstring Goodie Bag

Need to gift some goodies to some very special people? Want to give goodie pack a personalized look? Craft something by yourself and give the gift a very unique and special look.

All you need is some fabric (Got some leftover fabric pieces at home? Good news), thread and a sewing machine. Don’t worry if you are not an expert at using the sewing machine, if you can stitch a straight line then that’s all it takes. These can also be made with a needle and thread, but might be a little time consuming.

You will need:

  • Four 10” x 10” fabric
    • Two pieces for the exterior of the bag
    • Two pieces for the inner lining
  • Two 16” long cords or string of your choice

You can change the dimensions as per your need and requirement

Drawstring Goodie Bag
Got everything you need? Now follow these simple steps and impress everyone around you with your amazing skills.

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